The Williamsburg Garden Club was organized at the home of Dora Marsh, 3rd Street, Williamsburg, Ohio, on April 28, 1936. Ten ladies, who were flower lovers, met to discuss the possibilities of organizing a garden club. They hoped by sharing their knowledge and abilities that they might improve their skills of growing and arranging flowers. One reason was to be more artistic in decorating the various churches for special occasions.      

Mrs. Grace McKeever, secretary wrote in her November 1938 minutes of affiliation with the Ohio Federation of Garden Clubs. In 1946, it was noted that the Williamsburg, Bethel and Newtown Clubs met together and enjoyed as their speaker, Professor Victor Reis. Prof. Reis was Secretary of the Ohio Federated Garden Clubs and was the Professor of Horticulture at Ohio State University. Today we are pleased to welcome new members into our club. Back in the early days a prospective member had to be brought by a member and then be voted on by the whole group.      

While our individual gardening knowledge has increased through our club programs, the club as a whole has helped to beautify our Village. We have planted flowering trees along Main Street and placed large planters with seasonal flowers at street corners. We help maintain plants at several locations in and around Williamsburg. Our Memorial garden, begun in 1996 is located behind the old Williamsburg High School on the original town square.

We plant flower boxes on the Main Street Bridge in the spring and place Christmas decorations in them for December. We have provided trees for both Elementary and High schools and partnered with CG&E with a “Links to Leadership” grant to plant the original landscaping at the new high school.      

Partnering with the State of Ohio we planted 50,000 daffodils on Rt. 32 and added trees to both sides of the interchange at 133 and Rte 32 as part of the Ohio Bicentennial Celebration.      

The Williamsburg Garden Club encourages homeowners to improve the appearance of their surroundings to help bring beauty to our Village with an annual “Civic Beautification” award. We participate in Village-wide events such as the “Christmas Walk” and “June in Olde Williamsburg.”  

2016-Celebrating 80 years of Growing and Learning